Appelbaum Photo Album

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Bea Appelbaum Kahn, visiting with Al Levinson (1995)

Martin Appelbaum, circa 1937
Appelbaum family photo, circa 1955
Carol Emerling, taken in mid 1990s
Florence Greenbaum, taken in mid 1960s
Keith Emerling, taken 12/1998
Saul Appelbaum as a young man
Sylvia Appelbaum circa 1950s
Dittmore Family Photo, taken 11/97
Dittmore Family, at Christina's Wedding (8/29/98)
Gilles & Jackie Hardy, with son Anthony (11/98)
James Dittmore, H.S. Graduation Picture
Karen Jackson (James' wife), H.S. Graduation Picture
Helen Bond
Another picture of Helen Bond
Meyer & Rose Appelbaum - wedding photo
Gertrude (left) & Sylvia Appelbaum - 11/54
Rose Levinson with Keith & Susan Emerling - 11/63
Joan Appelbaum Schwartz with Karen Dittmore at the Family Reunion in September, 1999
Martin Appelbaum's children: Joan, Lee & Jim Dittmore at the Family Reunion in September, 1999
Joan Appelbaum Schwartz & Joel Levinson at the Family Reunion in September, 1999
Anthony & Emily Hardy (September, 2000)
Anthony Hardy, first day of preschool
Emily Hardy, 3 months old (September 2000)
Anthony & Emily Hardy, Easter 2001