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To avoid conscription into the Russian Army, David Baskind became the oldest son of a family by the name of COOPERSTOCK. In those days, only the first born son was exempt from military service so somehow, he was made the eldest of that family. The full details are unknown.


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[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: Aug 4, 1998, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Minster, Rebecca
Birth date: Sep 23, 1894
Death date: Jan 1982
Social Security #: 276-62-6074
Last residence: OH 44124
State of issue: OH


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[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: Jun 10, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Braverman, Mary
Birth date: Dec 25, 1893
Death date: Jan 20, 1991
Social Security #: 276-36-3396
Last residence: 47304
State of issue: OH


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Naturalization info from Court of Common Pleas:

Baskind Harris
Address: 109 Orange St., Cleveland, Ohio
Petition No. 8381 Court of Common Please, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Ohio
Born: Russia Dec. 25, 1866
Date and Port: Aug. 18, 1890
Naturalized: Nov. 3, 1895
Witnesses: Harry Bernstein, 96 Orange St., Cleveland, Ohio
Notes: Soundex: B253


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According to Naturalization records, his address in 1914 was 9 E. 119th St., NYC.


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Birth record from Vilnius Archives:

It took place in the city of Marianopol' on March forth of the year one thousand eight hundred seventy five at nine o'clock. Came Ovsei Mikhailovich Levinson, a merchant, twenty five years old, resident of the city of Marianopol', and in the presence of Sanei(?) Iankelson, (profession unclear), sixty-six years old, and Khaim Bukhgalter, a bookbinder, forty four years old, both residents of Marianapol', presented a child, a female, and declared that she was born in Marianapol' on February twenty forth of the same year at 10 o'clock in the morning, and her mother is his legitimate wife Keilia(?) Keivzonovna(?), twenty five years old. The child at registration received the name Rasha.
Read and signed
Ovsei Levinson
S. Ts. Iankelson(?)
Kh. Bukhgalter


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It is possible Phillip was born in Kalvarija, not Marijampol. His 1937 application for a social security card lists Kalvarija as his place of birth.

According to the 1935 City Directory, Phillip was listed as a jeweler at 14708 Kinsman Road, and lived with his family at 14706 Kinsman.

From Cleveland Public Library Necrology File:

Philip Levinson, beloved husband of the late Gizella, devoted father of Alvin S. of Gary, Indiana, grandfather of two. Graveside services Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 12 noon at the Mt. Olive Cemetery. Arrangements by Miller - Deutsch Memorial Chapel Inc.


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In checking with Mt. Olive Cemetery, Meyer's stone has his hebrew name as "Mayer Yitzhok ben Reb Mordechai Szmuyl" - hence now having his father's name as well.

Some history of the family name has been cleared up by Carol Emerling, who writes:

The family name was originally Lewandowski. Then it was Seviesky for a
while - she didn't seem to know why - and when they came to New York,
they stayed with a family named Appelbaum, so they took that name. The
Appelbaum part of the story matches what my mother had told me.

Gertrude thinks that Mordechai Appelbaum (Lewandowski) came to the U.S.
as well. His first wife was named Gertrude, which explains why three of
the sons had daughters named Gertrude (for their mother). Each of the
three also had daughters named Sylvia, but they didn't know who she was.

Mordechai was from Lodz, Poland. He and Gertrude had Abraham, Meyer,
David (the NYC Gertrude's father, born about 1872), Jack (who went to
Dublin, Ireland instead of the U.S. and took the name Lewis; his family
moved to (Birmingham?) England about 15 years ago) and Lottie who
married Harry Goldstein who owned a store in East Moriches, Long Island,
NY; they had no children but Harry had children from his first marriage.

Gertrude didn't know why Meyer came to Cleveland, but it may have been
because he was offered a job in the rabbinate there.

Mordechai then married again and had a second family. Gertrude didn't
know anything about them.

David was a member of the Beethoven Society in New York and there was a
famous composed of Jewish music whose name was Lewandowski, but Gertrude
and her niece didn't know whether the family was related to him.