Hurwitz Photo Album

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The "Berengeria" - the ship that Hassel Hurwitz & family came to the USA on (1922).
Julius Hurwitz - age 17
Julius Hurwitz
Julius, in uniform
Julius Hurwitz' crew posing for a picture in front of their plane (1943)
Julius Hurwitz - Douglas, GA March, 1943
Julius & Ruth Hurwitz (1944)
Sam Hurwitz - in the Russian Army, 1904
Freeda Kottler - engagement picture
Sam & Freeda Hurwitz - Engagement Picture (1912)
The Hurwitz family - 1927
Sam Hurwitz (1938)
Sam Hurwitz (1942)
Freeda Kottler Hurwitz - 1937
Olga & Emanuel Nadlin, Jenny Albert, Ike Kottler, Sam & Joe Albert, Phyllis Kottler, Freeda & Julius Hurwitz
Sarah Hurwitz, with children Olga, Sam & Max
Sylvia Hurwitz as an infant
Sylvia Hurwitz with mother Freeda
Sylvia Hurwitz - engagement photo (1936)
Sylvia Hurwitz, circa 1950
Seder at the Sam & Freeda Hurwitz' house (1930)
Selma Hurwitz Shumsky - 1983
Harry & Ruth Hurwitz, with Joan Weinberg - 1978
Gertrude & Julius Kottler - 1978
Harry & Ruth Hurwitz, seated with Norman & Edie Nadlin
Ann & Larry Stone
Freeda Hurwitz, at her 90th birthday party
Freeda, in front of Max & Helen Hurwitz' house in Dayton
David Levinson, Susan Hurwitz, Merle Nadlin: At Freeda Hurwitz' 100th Birthday Party (11/26/1988)
Sam Hurwitz
Olga Nadlin, Freeda Hurwitz, with Burt & Sylvia Levinson (1938)
Freeda Hurwitz & Rose Levinson (1937)
Freeda Hurwitz (1937)
Freeda Hurwitz & sister Jenny Albert
Freeda Kottler, Nashville, TN - 1908
Sylvia Hurwitz (Levinson), Ann Hurwitz (Stone), with Freeda Hurwitz (1925)
Julius Hurwitz, age 3
Harry & Ruth Hurwitz
Sylvan Weinberg, (from left, in back:)Gladys Weinberg, Helen Hurwitz, Gertrude & Selma Hurwitz
Gertrude Hurwitz 1931
Helen Hurwitz, with her children, Gertrude & Selma
A young Helen Hurwitz
Max Hurwitz
Larry Shumsky
Sylvia Hurwitz HS Graduation
Selma Hurwitz
Gertrude Hurwitz
Joe Alber, Sam Hurwitz, Jennie Albert & Sunny Kottler
Page from Steele HS Yearbook showing Sylvia & Gertrude Hurwitz